Steve teaches hand building with clay for adults, from beginning to continuing classes.  Sertoma is home to a vibrant and diverse arts program located at Shelly Lake in North Raleigh, part of the City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department.


Steve's work is also on year round display at this hand made by locals shop in downtown Apex.

"The art of creating with clay is not just a challenge and joy, it is also an adventure.  As with most any art form, the artist pushes limits, evaluates progress, and moves forward with new goals and vision that continues to be redefined.  And I find the greatest reward in what I do is the act of creating sculptural form in real space, constantly taking things a step further.  The artistic journey seems to be as much about creating new objects as it is letting those objects define the artist.  This has become the true meaning of art for me personally, and I have come to find equal reward in creating work for myself as well as for others.

For me, a very important part of the creative process is hearing and seeing how people respond to my work.  Participating in craft shows has become a primary source for gathering these responses, and I take many of my findings back to the workshop to continue the journey.  Responding to those who appreciate art in subtle or complex ways has become my way of understanding the impact of my work on others.  This is what I feel helps me keep my work current, relevant, objective, and very satisfying."

Steve Karloski Sculpture


Downtown Wake Forest is home to the Cotton Company, where Steve has work on permanent display and for sale. It is open every day year 'round except for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


August 26 & 27

Lazy Daze
Cary NC

September 22

American Craft Walk
Wilmington NC