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Steve Karloski Sculpture


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A native of central Illinois and graduate of Illinois State University, Steve Karloski has long been fascinated with visual art and ways to be creative and expressive. Through music and nature, as well as cultural and environmental interests, he continues to employ sculptural arts to communicate.

While studying fine art in college, Steve also became fascinated with Russian studies and culture, participating in a study abroad program in 1990 in the former Soviet Union. Those experiences led to his mask making, influenced by Russian iconography. This work has been his outlet to expressing human spirituality in his own way.  This series of masks, now in the making for over fifteen years, is a favorite among customers at regional art and craft shows. Steve uses a casting process to make his masks both available and affordable.  Presently working at home as well as with other local artists, Steve’s current work also explores functional ceramics, including lamps, vessels and other abstract pieces.

Since moving south in the early 90s, Steve has lived in a variety of locales, from Atlanta to Asheville. Now residing in Raleigh, he finds the local people, landscape, and art scene captivating, refreshing and much like “home”.