DECORATIVE SCULPTURE  Small and larger sculptures that include turtles, suns, busts, abstract figures and concrete masks. Click on any thumbnail for a larger photo and to scroll through pieces individually.


These are all made for wall display, and they are available in a variety of sizes and colors.  While white, yellow, and orange are popular, blue, red, and purple are also very unique.  Their smiling faces and wandering eyes are great for outdoor or indoor decor, and each one is wired and ready to hang.

Steve Karloski Sculpture


I started making masks about 20 years ago with designs originating from a clay carving. These faces are case from dyed concrete, using latex molds handmade from the originals. Several colors are used, and these masks are made in limited quantities each year. Each one is fitted with a hanging wire, ready for display indoors or out. Prices vary based on size.


No doubt about it, turtles are extremely popular.  At most every show I attend, someone shares a unique story about their personal experience with a turtle.  By land or by sea, my turtles come in a wide range of sizes.  Sea turtles are designed and ready to hang on the wall.  If you are interested in a particular size or color, feel free to let me know.  Each one is unique, and I take requests as well as offer discount pricing on small or larger groups.