One of the most unique and functional favorites is the mug, made short or tall. Some stamped designs are used while others are hand-carved.  Colors range from subtle and muted greens to vibrant blues and an amazing ash finish.  Some pitchers are also available .


A very popular item, with lots of diversity in terms of color and detail. Sizes range from small bud vases to larger sizes for bigger arrangements and taller stems. While some are hand-carved with details, others are very simple. Planters are also available.

FUNCTIONAL POTTERY  The pleasure of a nice piece of pottery is always increased when you use it in your home. From morning coffee in your favorite mug, to flowers you grew in your own garden in a one-of-a-kind vase, to an original lamp that completes the room.

Steve Karloski Sculpture


By far the most complex pieces built, all fitted with ambient lighting hardware. Highly organic in form, most take large flower form, some are two pieces that fit together.